I Write Words That Make Brands Money!


My name is Cierra Seay and I am a copywriter, email marketing strategist, and ghostwriter. My job is to make your business money with the words I write.

As a business owner you DO NOT have time to sit and write ANYTHING except a check. Your job is to constantly improve your product and/or services while also attracting more clients. I’m pretty sure right now you’re working as the CEO, Head of HR, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Manager….right? If that’s not accurate I’m sure it’s pretty close.

You’re wearing a LOT of hats and it’s taking away from your most important title. Which is creator. You’ve done an incredible job creating your business but you’re probably not seeing as much growth because you’re doing TOO much.

Let me help you. I’m not only going to give you some of your time back, but I’m also going to help you increase your revenue by creating copy that converts. Copy that converts = MONEY IN THE BANK $$$$.

Let’s carve out some time to talk ASAP. You’re wasting time AND losing money.

Schedule a call and then take a look at some of the clients I currently work with.