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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to complete a book ?

Every project is different and every author works differently. I always tell my clients to focus on the quality of the content not the length of time it takes.

Do I have to sign a contract ?

Yes ! No work will begin without a signed agreement by client and myself. The contract states specifically what is expected from both parties and what is included in the price you’re paying.

Do you help with marketing my book ?

Book marketing is a part of one of my packages or it can be purchased a la carte if your book is already completed. Book marketing packages include strategy sessions on effectively getting the word out on your book as well as podcast interview opportunities.

Are you a publisher ?

I am not a publisher but I have relationships with small publishers that I can refer you to. At this time I focus solely on helping you create a great manuscript and marketing it if needed.

What if I don’t want to write myself ?

If you’re not comfortable with the writing process I have a package that will still allow you to complete the book in your words without you doing any writing.

do you offer payment plans?

Services over $1,500 are available on payment plans with additional fees added.